Augment your Knowledge Management strategy in a few clicks

  • Get a custom AI assistant that knows your content by heart.
  • Retrieve information instantly, synthesize & connect the dots.
  • Save hours of manual searching through your notes & documents - just ask your VirtualBrain.
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Feed knowledge to your VirtualBrain from anywhere

Upload almost any kind of file directly from your computer

Just drag & drop your files with bulk upload. We currently accept PDF, Word, Powerpoint and Markdown files.

Connect your existing knowledge base and favorite business apps

Soon, you'll be able to load your entire knowledge from your favorite tools (Microsoft 365, Google Drive, Notion, Evernote, Confluence, etc.)

Capture content on the internet with our web extension

Use our browser extension to extract text content from your browser in a single click. You can also copy/paste links directly into the web app.

Web content
Microsoft Teams
Powerpoint files
Word files
Microsoft OneDrive
PDF files
Google Drive
Youtube Videos

We are building the most user-friendly knowledge management tool for professionals and organizations.

Search at lightspeed

Stop asking around or spending hours looking for that one piece of information. Thanks to Large Language Models, get a precise answer in natural language.


No hallucination

Your VirtualBrain can only think through YOUR data and will say "I don't know" if it cannot find a wise answer (a rare quality, even for humans).


Sources & Facts

Every answer given by your VirtualBrain comes with a list of sources as well as a list of the exact extracts used. Therefore you can trust AND verify. 


Follow-up questions

Talking to your knowledge is great, having a conversation with it is a game-changer. With VirtualBrain you can deep dive into any topic with follow-up questions.



Not only you can ask follow-up questions, but VirtualBrain suggests the most relevant questions to ask depending on the context of the conversation. 


Multiple brains

Your digital knowledge is organized, your VirtualBrain is as well. You can create multiple brains with different data sources and ask questions to one or multiple ones at the same time.


Content generation

VirtualBrain is a copywriting expert who will help you write content, summarize ideas and connect the dots. No more prompt engineering, VirtualBrain already knows you. 


Offline LLM

For those who want to take privacy to another level, we provide an offline LLM option - meaning that your data will never leave our premises thanks to a locally trained AI.


All you need to know about VirtualBrain

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