We believe that finding information in the digital world should be as easy as remembering it.

Your digital brain should be as magical as your physical brain

You should not have to spend time organizing your knowledge with complex routines or templates. When you learn something new, you don't put it in a specific part of your brain. It's just there, and it comes back to you like magic. And that's what we're building.

You should not have to change your habits or switch tools

We're building VirtualBrain on top of your existing tools. It's complicated enough to build a knowledge base, we're here to make your life easier, not to add another layer of complexity or build the next Notion-like app.

You should be able to keep up, even if it feels impossible

In these times of information overdose, we all sometimes feel like we can't keep up. This isn't a fatality, our physical brain was not built to handle this amount of information - your VirtualBrain, however, was designed exactly for that.

We are on a mission to build the most user-friendly knowledge work hub for professionals and organizations.

Terence Mahier

CEO & Co-founder

Kata Nyitrai

CRO & Co-founder

Guillaume Marquis

CTO & Co-founder

Florian-Marie Doucet

Full-stack Engineer

...With the support of our incredible partners