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VirtualBrain helps consultants search, analyse and enhance their knowledge to do better and faster work every day

Commercial Prosposals

Analyse RFPs (Request for Proposals) and use your past proposals to create new ones. What’s your vision for this industry? How did you help solve similar issues in the past?

Audit & Due Diligence

Fill out your audit template at lightspeed by analysing the whole project documents at once. Use VirtualBrain to extract key information so you can focus on the deep analysis.

Autonomous Onboarding

Become an industry/project expert. Load external reports, challenge your internal convictions, and braistorm on autopilot with automatic follow-up questions. 

Extraction of insights

Extract key insights from muliple documents at once. Get answers to all your questions and connect the dots. 

Pick a timeslot in one click (available in 🇫🇷 & 🇬🇧)

Plug&Play: Upload any file, connect any apps, and capture any web content

Web content
Microsoft Teams
Powerpoint files
Word files
Microsoft OneDrive
PDF files
Google Drive
Youtube Videos

The Augment Consultant is finally a reality.

Pick a timeslot in one click (available in 🇫🇷 & 🇬🇧)

Knowledge workers lose 20% of their time to searching for information.

But the real loss in Consulting comes from what happens next: Turning that information into insights.

The extensive, often manual, effort required for multiple document analysis, insight extraction, and preparation of propositions weigh on every single consultant’s productivity.

The cost of this lost productivity: Less billable hours, lower quality of deliverables & poor work/life balance.

VirtualBrain is here to help.

Consultants love VirtualBrain for so many different reasons, what's yours?

Team Member
Tom D.
Senior Manager
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So far, my experience with VirtualBrain is "mind-blowing"

Team Member
Lucia S.
Senior Consultant
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I was waiting for this so much! I'm using GPT on a daily basis but this is another level of productivity hack

Reviewer Photo
Ebony M.
Project Manager
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It is a great AI offering naturally sounding results, the UX is just perfect.

Team Member
Louis B.
Public relations
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Really impressed by the speed at which it parses documents and gives detailed & factual answers. Feels like a taste of the future!

Team Member
Michael J.
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I'm truly impressed with the tool you've developed - kudos to the entire team!

Reviewer Photo
Matthieu C.
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I have yet to discover all of the use cases, but it's already a game changer for onboarding on new missions and crafting commercial propositions

Pick a timeslot in one click (available in 🇫🇷 & 🇬🇧)

All you need to know about VirtualBrain

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