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Boost your productivity by up to 20%

Why 20%? Because that's the time knowledge workers spend on average looking for files and content.

Enrich your knowledge with curated content

Your VirtualBrain knows your content by heart. Feed it some external data and it becomes a brainstorm powerhouse.

Leverage AI on your own product/service

Turn your VirtualBrain into a Chatbot that you can share with your audience and clients. A 24/7 assistant that can answer questions at scale.

~1 min setup. No credit card required.

Plug&Play: Upload any file, connect any apps, and capture any web content

Web content
Microsoft Teams
Powerpoint files
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Microsoft OneDrive
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Google Drive
Youtube Videos

We are building the most user-friendly knowledge management hub for professionals and organizations.

~1 min setup. No credit card required.

We are working with innovative organizations all over the world to transform the way we consume & share knowledge

Our users love VirtualBrain for so many different reasons, what's yours?

Team Member
Tom D.
VP Learning
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So far, my experience with VirtualBrain is "mind-blowing"

Team Member
Lucia S.
Sales Director
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I was waiting for this so much! I'm using GPT on a daily basis but this is another level of productivity hack

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Ebony M.
Project Manager
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It is a great AI offering naturally sounding results, the UX is just perfect.

Team Member
Louis B.
Public relations
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Really impressed by the speed at which it parses documents and gives detailed & factual answers. Feels like a taste of the future!

Team Member
Michael J.
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I'm truly impressed with the tool you've developed - kudos to the entire team!

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Matthieu C.
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I have yet to discover all of the use cases, but it's already a game changer for onboarding on new missions and crafting commercial propositions

~1 min setup. No credit card required.

All you need to know about VirtualBrain

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What are VirtualBrain's key features?
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What technologies are you using and how does it work?